Photo reading room 2014


“The shutter is release and press, photos were taken without being read, being study, being discuss, being manifest, and finally being forgotten. I still believe photography could be a means of observing and learning tools; a way of thinking and seeing in daily life.”



About Photo Reading Room
In contrary with the way of communication norm in the Internet, we employ an exhausting way of display out photographs, putting them on a long table in the exhibition space. During the exhibition weekends, a total of four days of idea exchange session would be hold.

Apart from the painstaking method of taking photos, everyone of us has to orchestrate their concept by writing a statement to being with, choose the photographs and arrange them into a series, pick the right paper, printing method and professional framing.

Every work display on the desk could be pick up and examine by hand, all you need is to wear a pair of white gloves.

You are mostly welcome if you could bring along your personal photo series to exchange thoughts with us.
開幕酒會 Opening Reception: 
7/6/2014  6-8pm

展覽日期 Exhibition Period: 7-19/6/2014
開放時間 Opening Hours: 11am-7pm

照片閱讀室 Photo Reading Room: 
7/6, 8/6, 14/6 & 15/6  2pm-6pm
Welcome to share your photo portfolios with us

展覽地點 Venue: 
L0 Gallery, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei

T: 3177 9159
E: info@lumenvisum.org
W: www.lumenvisum.org